Elementary school children are captivated by the story of The New Old Truck
Michigan book launch, June, 2014


(2nd grade students, Carrie Knause Elementary School, St Louis, MI)

“I think it is really cool because the author shows us the pictures of the real truck at the back of the book.”
“It’s awesome that people were fighting back to keep Old Truck.”
“Kind of sad, but a happy ending.”
“I like that it was a true story, but funny details.  It made a real story funny.”
“I liked that it was old fashioned. The illustrations made it good for kids.”

TEACHER'S COMMENTS (on reading the story to her K2 class)

“ The children really seemed to enjoy the story.  The illustrations kept them captivated.  Prior to reading, we discussed what happens to old cars.  Most of the responses were trade it in, sell it, or send it to the junk yard.  When I told them that there was once a truck company in Alma, they were amazed! 

The book can be used to teach the students how to come up with ideas for writing personal narratives. (One student even came up with an idea for her own book...) In second grade, we focus on narrowing our topics to one specific event.  So instead of writing about a summer vacation, students choose one specific thing they did over summer vacation.  In this book, it was great that the topic was focused on Old Truck and not the whole farm experience.”
Katie Jenkins, 2nd Grade Teacher, Carrie Knause Elementary School, St Louis, MI.