"The children sat thoroughly engaged throughout the whole story. They laughed loudly when I mentioned the "Fart" words! A delightful book, where they responded well to the meaningful pictures and appropriate text. A wonderful, real life story which will appeal to all kinds of children, not just the farming community!"
Linda Moir, Teacher, Mataphi Childcare Centre - read to 6 boys and 22 girls

Responses from Children (in their own words)
“Never give up!”
“The truck sad.” (pointing to the truck’s sad face).
“That page I like!” (pointing to where Blue Truck pulls Old Truck out of the mud)
“My Mum will like this book.”
“That’s an old truck. It’s a new truck.” (Pointing to the black and white photo and the colour photo).
“I like the dog very much.”
Wee Nippers Early Childhood Centre, Invercargill - read to 3 and 4 year olds.

Teacher comments:
The book is fantastic. I love it, the kids love it and the teachers love it!
Many children said “Truck!” with excitement when the book was brought out.
Fiona Woodfield, Wee Nippers Early Childhood Centre, Invercargill

What ages could it be used?
We read “New Old Truck” to 3 and 4 year old children. I think this was a good age group for this book in a group setting but I think 2 to 3 year old children would also enjoy it on a one on one basis. The children were very engaged while reading the book. They made comments throughout the reading of the story and wanted it read again and again. One on one I found many children showed strong interest in the photos at the back of the book and commented throughout the book on the dog and the page with the blue truck pulling the old truck out of the mud. Wee Nipppers

Educational Values:
History - Old Truck is the only one in the world;
Family and Community – the whole story centres around the effects Old Truck had on the family and community around him;
Language development - different words for children to learn - clutch, exhaust pipe, gears etc. A Glossary at the back.
Science and technology - how do you get a truck out of the muck?
Problem-solving – how does John fix Old Truck?
Emotional expression – talking about feelings. The truck was sad and felt useless. Wee Nippers


“I went to the recent book launch in Oxford for A Very Greedy Tale. I was taken by this book, to me the best so far. I purchased two, one for my grandchildren, the other for myself to read to preschool children. I couldn't wait to read to the 2 and 3 year olds during my next mat-time. With the children seated, I introduced the book, some were captured by the cover, others still settling until I read the opening sentence using my sing, song voice. That was it, they were engaged. As I read, I engaged the children by being a pig...squealing!! They loved it!! This age group respond well to participation and engagement. They love to predict, ‘what will happen next?’ 'Carrots!' when asked what are the pigs gonna do (when in the vegetable garden). Wow...the illustrations are a dead giveaway. I didn't necessarily read it word for word but talked to the pictures using an expressive voice and tone. This book is well written with captivating illustrations. On a side note, my 3 year old grandson, loves having the 'Old Truck' story read to him. He points out things of interest to him, such as Old Truck's sad face and the chickens scampering our of Old Truck's way. Thank you Jennifer for following God's calling to write, print and produce these beautiful books and for sharing you and your family's wonderful farm tale memories. This is what makes them more meaningful and puts them in a league of their own.”  Marianne Sellwood, Teacher, Oxford Early Learning Centre