"A great read and a classic piece of New Zealand history. A must for any classroom - no matter what age.

"I teach years 2 & 3 but all the teachers at Te Mata read the story to their classes and all the kids loved it. It really started some amazing discussions with the senior class (yrs 5-8). They ended up doing some pretty cool creative writing around their 'experiences' which this was used to start them off on. The juniors' art work of cowsheds blowing up was pretty cool too. ( I can't wait for the next book/s)

"In my own classrooms we read it over and over, each time picking out something new that would start us off on different tangents. I was able to share my own experiences growing up on a farm when I was a child and my students all had stories and tales to share themselves.

"It opened up great home discussions and was the basis of a fun and interesting "The day when ..." writing unit that brought out so much imaginative and real life narrative.
Linda Holmes, teacher, TE MATA SCHOOL

Grades 3 and 4 (7 & 8 year olds
Teacher's comments: "The children absolutely loved the illustrations and story. They found it funny and understood almost all the vocab. One page needed to be explained to them. We want a copy in the class library."

Grades 5 and 6 (9-10 year olds)
“I like the colours, the pictures”
“I like the rhymes”
“It makes me think of the Big Bang...”
“It is interesting”
“Some words were difficult for me”
“My granddad went to the Second World War too”

Grades 1 and 2 (5 & 6 year olds)
Children loved the illustrations but needed to have the farm activities explained to them before they understood the story. (They are city-dwellers!) Once the vocabulary was explained to them, they loved the story. They missed the humour.

Teacher's comments:

'The students really enjoyed it'

Jackson (5) I loved the explosion and the concrete that flew high in the sky. (Jackson knew it was a true story)
Dylan (6) I liked the cow merry-go-round, it looked fun. I think it was an awesome story!
Sam (5) It was funny when he blew up the shed
Estelle (5) It was funny when the cowshed blew up. I loved the cow merry-go-round and how it spins
Oakley (6) I liked the illustrations and I enjoyed finding out about the family
Elijah (6) I liked the explosion and the cow merry-go-round. It was AWESOME!
Leticya (9) I loved the cowshed blowing up, it was dangerous because the concrete could have fallen on someone. I loved the pictures. (Leticya said that you are a good story writer)
Dayshana (8) It was a good story because it was a true story. I liked the photos of Jennifer's Dad with the milking machine at the end