‘This is a true NZ down-on-the-farm story written in catchy rhyme that will make you shake your head and laugh out loud.’
Sue Hoyle, Top Title in Upstart magazine

A great read and a classic piece of New Zealand history. A must for any classroom – no matter what age!’
Linda Holmes, Teacher, Te Mata School 

‘In a saturated, highly-stylised and commercialised market, these self-published children’s books are a breath of fresh air. Expressive, almost rugged artwork sits perfectly with rhyming tales of family farm adventures. Highly recommended’
Louise Hegarty, The Gisborne Herald

‘It's the sort of story that goes into country folklore and Jennifer Somervell has told it well with rhyming verse that demands to be read aloud. City folk don't traipse up a hillside or cluster round the cowshed. Perhaps we should it looks fun. It's a read-aloud story for juniors and senior primary for that matter.’
 Bob Docherty, Children and Young Adults Book Reviews, Bob's Book Blog

There’s a universal appeal about colourful farm pictures and well told stories especially ones that go ‘booooom!”
Nadene Hall, New Zealand Lifestyle Block Magazine

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Gisborne Herald

Upstart Magazine / Top Title

Upstart Magazine is produced with the help of primary and intermediate school children and their teachers throughout New Zealand.

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The Raglan Chronicle,
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