Feeding Time at the Farm


Silodale Farm is the inspiration behind New Old Truck, The Day Dad Blew up the Cowshed, and many books still to come. They are rollicking farm adventures told through the eyes of children growing up on a New Zealand farm in the sixties and seventies: Silodale a 125 acre dairy farm, in central Hawkes Bay.

Jennifer and Margery took for granted things most urban children know little about. With their extended family they helped with haymaking, sowing crops, feeding calves and milking cows. They helped build fences, drove farm trucks, old carts, tractors and motorbikes. They raised all kinds of pet animals: calves, lambs, pigs, lizards, possums, guinea pigs - even a baby magpie.

They climbed trees, went eeling at night, watched while Dad blew up tree stumps - and a cowshed - jumped off haystacks, saw piglets and calves come into the world, played in the mud, built huts, and had a whole lot of larger-than-life experiences.

The farm has since changed hands but through a tradition of family story-telling the tales live on - about outdoor adventures, hilarious mishaps, and larger-than life experiences.

It was all such fun that Jennifer and Margery - now married with children of their own - want to share it with other children and grandchildren, who often live in cities and know very little of these very Kiwi escapades and adventures.

Jennifer and Margery have now produced two illustrated children's books - and, of course, there are more to come.